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Just wondering if there are other veterans diagnosed with PD and if anyone has applied for VA disability.

  1. Hello Retired-rn, Here is an article from our website that may be helpful for you:

    Let us know if this is helpful. If not, we can direct you to other resources.
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Advocate,

    1. Thanks Suzanne, that is a great website with lots of good information.

    2. Hi Retired-rn, I'm so glad you benefited from the website/article. Let us know how it goes for VA disability- you might help someone else with your story.
      Best wishes, Suzanne T.

    1. Hello, I'm hoping you are doing well! All the best, Suzanne

  2. Hi Suzanne, well I finally was approved for VA disability due to PD and Agent Orange. It took 10 months of back and forth communication with the VA.

    1. so glad to hear you finally received approval! We appreciate you being here and sharing with us. Wishing you a lovely weekend. -Jessica, Team Member

    2. Wonderful news! I appreciate you sharing the news with us. Blessings on your day, Suzanne

  3. I also had a long initial discourse with the VA before getting an initial Parkinson’s disability rating even though the VA was the first to diagnose me with Parkinson’s…….about nine months. Going forward was a completely different positive experience. I found polite stubbornness very effective. My neurologist sent note’s from my visits to the VA and the VA started sending me notes saying time to file for additional disability. Within another year, I moved from 30% to 90 % disability rating. I now use the VA as my primary care, have had extensive sessions with a VA psychologist about my depression and anxiety, and my wife participates in the V A Caregiver program. I encourage all Vets with an Agent Orange related Parkinson’s to file for VA disability.

    1. For help with the process, many cities and counties have centers set up to help veterans… including with the VA.

      Also for help:


    2. Hi Suzanne, I came across an article about toxic exposure in 11 South Carolina bases years ago. I found it on the website. Apparently, it came from fire-fighting foam and of course it was kept quiet. The article was written by Andrew Brown. is his Email. Hope this helps.

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