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Tools and Assistive Devices

What tools or devices have you found helpful in managing your PD symptoms? Which have been unsuccessful?

  1. For my self best tools and devices are Plate guard, Kettle pouring stand, Elastic laces, and electric lamps, these all help me when I east, drink, working, etc, I mostly buy my all theses stuff from, because I found all my desirable stuff from there so I dont need to go anywhere.

    1. I'm in the early stages (2), so right now, my biggest need is sturdy, but comfortable shoes for my dystonia (clawed up toes). I wear Keen Targhee 2 boots. I have since 2003, and they've never given me blisters or discomfort. In sneakers, I feel a lot of pain. I dressier shoes, I'm uncomfortable. That said, I've heard other people talk of ankle high hiking boots to walk in. Decent ones can run about $140 (give or take), but it's worth it to not get the toe and top of the boot as sore as can be. My preference for them is based on what I was recommended after going out of a multiple day (pre PD) hiking trip with horrific blisters. I'll spare you the pics, but here is what the boots look like.

      1. Not an assistive device per se, but my husband finds his one shirt with snap fasteners a lot easier to deal with than those with buttons. Unfortunately, his arms are relatively short, so it is almost impossible to find snap-fastened shirts that fit; an XL has ridiculously long sleeves, and I can't find anywhere that has snap-fastened shirts sold by collar/sleeve sizes.

        Also polo shirts, but again, with the same sleeve length problem.

        Does anyone have any suggestions/brands?

        1. I saw some on Amazon...

        2. Again, the same problem–the sizes are S/M/L/XL, and XL sleeves are always way too long. (What he needs is a 32/33 sleeve.)

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