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Terrible fear of developing dementia

I was finally diagnosed last year. There seem to be so many aspects of PD. I am very afraid of losing my cognitive abilities. I had some testing done a few weeks ago. No signs of dementia or cognitive deficits. That’s now; where will I be this time next year? I know no one has the answers. Does anyone else have this fear? How do to cope with it and manage the fear?

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. I can understand why you are feeling this way, there is so much to think about, it must be very overwhelming. I am glad you had some testing done so that you have a base line. I am sending over this article that offers some tips: I am also sending you this article from one of our advocates who shares a similar story: These two articles offer suggestions for trying to cope with what you are going through, I really hope they can help you. Sending you lots of strength. Jill, team member

    1. Thank you for the information. Parkinson’s affects every part of you and robs you of who you are until you get support and can learn to live with all that it entails. I watched my mom’s independence and abilities slip away for over four years. She had Parkinson’s and vascular dementia. It was sad, frightening and brought a lot of grief. I never expected to be told I have PD. It is a real journey coming to terms with it and accept that your life won’t be as you thought it would be. I will look at the sites today. Again thank you. Liisa

      1. Hi , to echo Jill, it is completely understandable to be feeling the way you are. My heart goes out to you. I truly hope you find our community to be a source of comfort and support. Our community can relate to what you are going through and is always here. Please reach out anytime. Sending so many comforting hugs your way. -Jessica, Team Member

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