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Tech Related issues

Does anybody have any tech-related issues when it comes to dealing with Parkinson's and the associated tremors? Texting, typing, taking photos, etc. Thanks!

  1. Hi hopefully others in the community will weigh in soon! In the meantime, I included a survey we did back in 2020 on the topic that may be of interest - I also included an article written by a community member and her experience with using technology for her father with PD - I included this article because she speaks about some helpful adjustments in using technology. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. Hi,
      If you have issues with writing by hand, consider the Dragon voice-based system Not cheap, but good quality ...

      1. I sometimes find I have a finger stutter when typing and hit the same key twice. Using a stylus helps a lot. I’m not quite ready to try a voice based system but will certainly keep this one in mind. So many I have seen are even worse than auto correct that it would be well worth it to have one that is more accurate. Thanks for the information

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