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Sudden vomiting after med

Hello, my 83 year old mom has been living with PD for a couple years. A couple weeks ago after taking her evening dose of Carbidopa/Levidopa she would immediately throw up. This continued for a week when we finally admitted her to ER as she was feeling awful. They eventually admitted her to hospital as they found a small clot in lungs (which they say was incidental finding). She continued to get sick in hospital. A huge workup of imaging and tests did not reveal cause of naseaua. Including a gastric emptying study. The only newish med she had added was Wellbutrin but she'd been on that a month without issue. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this... I'm just wondering if it's the Carbidopa that she's developed intolerance to. Thx!

  1. Thank you for your question about Carbidopa, ATSun. Since I am not a doctor, I would recommend if you have not already done so, consult with your Movement Disorder Neurologist for a personalized appraisal of your nausea. Regards, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

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