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Exercise and Wellness

Along with exercise, complementary therapies like yoga and mindfulness meditation can help improve overall quality of life. What kind of exercises or complementary therapies do you use to help manage your symptoms? Have questions about exercise and wellness? Comment below!

  1. I loved doing water aerobics but the one that has made a gigantic difference is Rock Steady Boxing. I have been two or three times a week since January. My balance has greatly improved. My energy is much better and I am able to do so much more in my day. I feel terrific. Plus, it's fun to work out with other people who have similar problems. It's a national program so you can just google and find one near you.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Karla! We've heard great things from other community members about Rocky Steady Boxing. It looks like such an awesome program. It's so good to hear about your balance and energy improvements. It's sounds like you're getting great support from your fellow boxers. Having a strong community is so important in managing this disease. Thank you for being part of our community!

      Take care,
      Chris, Team Member

  2. Karla, I loved doing water aerobics too several years ago, but it didn't like me! I've heard great responses from people I've talked with who do Rock Steady Boxing and I hope to fit one into my schedule soon.

    What I've found to be really helpful is the PWR! exercise classes that are designed specifically for Parkinson's patients. The various classes were created by Becky Farley, a physical therapist who specializes in Parkinson's in Arizona. The PWR! class is for all ability levels as the exercises can be done sitting in a chair or standing up. All the moves can be modified to meet the needs of each person with Parkinson's. I helped to initiate a PWR! class at my local rec center so it's very convenient. There are also many videos about PWR! on YouTube if anyone is interested in checking them out at home. PWR is an acronym for Parkinson's Wellness Recovery - well named I feel!

    Donna, Team Member

    1. Where can I find a PD discussion about the disease and nutrition. Does anyone know how to log into parkinsonstv (plays on youtube via FB but can't find it online. Thanks

      1. Hi, - Thanks for reaching out! We have some information about nutrition here: & Just a heads up that I had to remove your email address from your post, as we can't allow personal contact information to be displayed on our site. Here's our community rules in case you wanted to read through them: Hope this helps! - Chris, Team

      2. Thanks Chris ! 🙏🙏 Sorry for not following the rules 😬 I'll read carefully !

    2. Well.... the hot exercise method of 2017 is BOXING. In particular, Rock Steady Boxing out of the state of Illinois. However its now everywhere in the U.S. and expanding internationally. Last year I was flogging the underbrush to get someone to start a franchise in Phoenix (or even ARIZONA !) Now there are four in the Phoenix area.

      Not only does it touch on several components often sidelined or forgotten with some exercise regimens - "balance" and "pacing" it covers a new area - the psychological dimension. It aggressive, puts one in a positive, competative atmosphere and changes ones relationship from being a "victim" to being a "fighter" against the disease.... Granny can hang her boxing gloves on the wall with pride, letting family and friends know she's not going to let the PD thing take her down. (At least not without a fight!)

      1. Thanks for your input, FrankMundo! We continue to hear great things from the community about Rock Steady Boxing. That's such a great point that the person transitions from "victim" to "fighter" while punching those bags. Thanks so much for sharing this! - Chris, Team Member

      2. You are so, so right about Rock Steady Boxing. I am one of the initial four boxers at RSB El Paso. We just celebrated the second anniversary last week. It has certainly changed the attitudes of so many people here. We have become a family and a support to each other.

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