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Should I support PD parent move?

My mum (77) was diagnosed with PD 18 months ago, and also awaiting memory clinic appointment for possible dementia. She is mostly pretty good - still cooking, driving etc, although sometimes finds it difficult to carry her thread, and some direction confusion. My dad (84) is still quite sharp, although weak and in need of stimulation.
They decided that they wanted to move closer to me and brother (currently they live 40 mins drive, move would mean 10 min drive). Where they could easily access local shops too. We had all thought this a good idea, as they will increasingly need more help, and new village also has more utilities to keep some independence.

On a recent visit (our first) to the Parkinsons nurse (hugely helpful!) I mentioned that they were planning to move and she winced, saying that a new place could be difficult for mum to settle into and remember. We don’t want to do anything to speed up or make worse her symptoms, but other advice online suggests that moving asap is the best bet as it will be much more difficult and stressful when she (they) are worse. If they did move we had hoped to purchase somewhere first and sell their house later once they have moved, in order to reduce stress.

We can support them where they are if the advice is not to move them.

Anyone have any experience with such?

Thanks in advance and sorry this post is rather long!

  1. Hi Sandra, We went thru this with my mom and dad moving from their home of 45 years to a small two bedroom home in a senior community. This happened in 2020 and my dad with PD and dementia did pass away in 2022. I can say it was the best decision to move them when dad wasn’t so bad. I would recommend you move your parents before they are worse. My father managed to get around the new home okay. Soon after, mom employed part time caregiver. I would be concerned also about your mom still driving. My father got lost for two hours one day, on the way to a doctor appointment. Mom and I were really scared. He made it home but we soon after said we had to “borrow his car for my son’s car maintenance “ so he didn’t drive anymore. Best wishes to you, Suzanne Troy, community member

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