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Should I Be Praying For A Normal or Abnormal DaTscan?

Hi all! I'm currently being evaluated for PD. I admit I do seem to have some of the classic signs (stiff right wrist, slight lightheadedness, and a tremor that only shows itself when I exercise) but they are very subtle. My Neurologist said he could almost tell by looking at me when he walked in (facial expression and reduced blink rate) and after an hour long exam he's 90% sure that's what I have.

Next week I go in for a DaTscan. Normally a person would hope and pray the scan would be negative. BUT everything I've been reading from Dr. Google points to a negative actually meaning I might have something similar to PD but WORSE!!!! (MSA, ALS, etc...) All this uncertainty has left me a nervous wreck. Not sure what to think........

  1. , waiting on testing results or a diagnosis can be excruciating. I can imagine how you must be feeling. Sending lots of calming thoughts your way. Please feel free to check back in any time. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. I can imagine how many conflicting emotions you must have regarding a possible diagnosis. I hope you get an answer soon. April - Team

      1. I can empathize with you about waiting for test results, Hardisk70. By being proactive, after the test, you and your doctor can agree on a plan of care to address the problem. Keep us informed of your results, and any other concerns you may have. Good luck! Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

        1. Test results......... ABNORMAL! So it's confirmed I do indeed have PD. Been taking Rasagiline for about 6 weeks now and slowly improving.

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