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Shaving troubles

Hello. I am an OT trying to assist a 70yo male with PD to be independent with shaving facial hair, despite moderate hand tremors. Any compensatory strategies or products that people have found helpful would be appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Hello. Yes, shaving is one of those tasks that gets more difficult with some tremors etc. with PD. We use an electric shaver for my father. He is able to use it somewhat but sometimes has problems reaching his far side of face. Here is an article that addresses some independent tips. In this great article by one of our contributors, Marc M (a person with PD), he suggests using a tall stool in the bathroom to sit on while shaving. I hope you find the article helpful.
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, team member

    1. thanks, i actually read that article while i was searching for help a few days ago. Unfortunately, my patient's tremors are isolated to hands and forearms, and are pretty moderate in intensity. So even an electric razor bounces off his jaw continuously while he tries to shave. He reports feeling black and blue along the jaw by the time he is done.
      Im sad more people havent responded with their experiences. Is their another forum or platform you could suggest for more input from individuals living with PD?

    2. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll send out an inquiry to see if I can get an answer to your specific questions. Best regards, Suzanne T.

  2. Hello, I'm reaching out to you and any other men in our group who might be able to answer this question about shaving with tremors? Thanks, Suzanne T. Advocate

    1. - I posted your question to our Facebook page to get some additional insight. There are a couple of responses, so I wanted to share the link with you so you could check it out: Hope this helps! - Chris, Team

      1. Battery powered shaver; use pull up table to his chair with stand alone mirror; 5x magnified on one side/flip side normal. - here is one of the suggestions on our FB page. Best regards, Suzanne T.

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