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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Parkinson's

Anyone out there have any tips for fellow Parkies or caregivers on your personal recommendations to avoid feeling down when the weather changes and the chill and dark of autumn / winter hits our bones? Medically / therapeutically / just for fun?

  1. Dan, finding sunshine once we lose daylight savings time is a problem. If you are lucky enough to have a somewhat more flexible work schedule, I exercise earlier in the day. My mantra is the "sun beats the cold temperature, get some sunshine." Second, it is that time of year to emphasize the gym and being inside; the second mantra for this time of year is "any workout beats no workout." And remind yourself, each day forward brings us closer to spring and summer. Frank

    1. there's a quote that says something like anything worth doing is worth doing halfway... something is better than nothing. Great points and tips. Thanks for the help!!

  2. I lived in Minnesota and now Montana. Dark and cold in the winter. I absolutely use light therapy from late September to late March. It is worth reading up on it. I used to use a large full spectrum 10,000 lumen light. The light needs to enter through your eyes. Now I use a Valkee brand light source. I’m not sure (I have not checked lately) how many rigorous scientific studies have been done using the Valkee. It works for me. I also take antidepressants year round and without the light therapy I would have to take a higher dose during winter months.

    1. I will definitely check up on that. I could feel winter creeping into my body this last week. It's never fun. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. , At this time of the year, we try to keep in touch with those PwP who have written to us in the past. How are you doing these days? Please let us know. If you have any questions, concerns, need information or just want to talk, please write to us. We wish you a better 2022. Best, Marc M., Moderator,

  3. Good tips on the darkening days of Fall and less sunshine during the days! We started using light therapy for my dad (86) and for my mom (85). It feels good and boosts their energy if they use it. They like to sit in front of it while they are having breakfast in the morning. The light sits on a table top.
    Blessings on your crisp Fall days!
    Suzanne Troy, Advocate,

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