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Scared and in denial that I have Parkinson's

When I was diagnosed with Parkinsons I had friends tell me it was not. I am scared because I have had both knees replaced as well as two revisions. The last revision the surgeon told me Parkinsons will cause added problems. I am in denial because I just don't want to accept that I have debilitating disease.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing openly here, peppy. I can certainly see how this is hard to accept. There was another forum topic posted on this topic that received some answers that I hope you find helpful: - Chris, Team

    1. Hi . I understand your feelings about Parkinson's although I have not had knee replacement. If you have not yet done so, please visit with a trusted physician - maybe your family doc. Ask the questions you need and see what Parkinson's medications could help you. I wonder if medication plus exercise that your knees will tolerate will be helpful. It can be an emotional roller coaster, especially if your friends cast doubt on the diagnosis. I don't know if there is one near you or if you would go, but is there a local Parkinson's support group or knee replacement support group? You might find encouragement there. I hope you feel better about things sooner rather than later and find a good path forward. ~Lorraine, moderator

      1. Dear Peppy,
        There are drugs for Parkinsons that make it a much less debilitating desease. Nobody believed I had Parkinsons either. At first some of the symptoms are very subtle. Each case of Parkinsons is totally different. I have young onset parkinsons. I've had it for 22 years. With meds, I can do everything I used to do. I always take meds for constipation and have some issues with urine infections, but can still walk 3 miles and do yoga. Nobody would know I had parkinsons except when I'm at the end of my dose. See a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders. My neurologist noticed I had little facial movements and wasn't blinking. As far as I know, there are not too many tests that can correctly diagnose parkinsons. If not too far , have a movement disorder specialist from a teaching hospital evaluate you. The foctor I had gave me a dopamine agonist for 3 weeks and then told me to return. I was walking like a champ after a couple of days on the meds. The meds are really miraculous. Don't worry. See a good movement disorder spevcialist. You will hopefully feel better than you have for uesrs.@

      1. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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