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Reduction of symptoms through nutritional supplementation

Has anyone ever considered the health benefits of the laminaria genus of seaweeds for the temporary relief from the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s? For the disease may be related to heavy metal poisoning of the body? And seaweed is sometimes helpful in the detoxification of the body from heavy metals.

I find this particular genus of seaweed helpful whenever I get uncontrollable tics of either my facial cheek or a finger wanting to wiggle from side to side. No other genus of seaweed succeeds at substituting for the laminaria genus of seaweeds to produce these results in my experience.

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  1. Hi , I have not heard about the potential health benefits of seaweed. It will be interesting to see if more research comes out about supplements like these in the future! I'm glad you have found something that helps you. How are you been feeling this week? Wishing you a gentle start to the new year! Best, Lauren ( Team Member)

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