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Positive mindset with good vibes

I am 73 and diagnosed with PD 5 years ago. I enjoy gardening, music, Indian dancing, hydrotherapy and walking football/soccer. What I like most is the walking soccer. It’s a way of maintaining good body balance. The interaction amongst multicultural community is something I enjoy. Hydrotherapy is equally good but it can be boring as people there either stare at you or ignore you. Better to go as a group so that it can become a fun activity. I don’t spend too much time talking about PD but enjoy each day as it dawns. I Start my day with prayers and continue listening to worship songs and other good music too. I wear hearing aide with Bluetooth connected to my mobile which I consider is a big asset for me. I am in group chats on whatsapp which is another avenue to keep myself and my husband busy. Reaching out should be two way but if you keep talking about your health situation every time you can put off your callers. The activities I do helps me and I help my husband who has got PD too. Sadly he has limited leg movement due to an ankle operation. So I take him for hydrotherapy. He does other exercises at home. He sings in a church choir which is another good exercise for the throat muscles. My husband sings along with music played on google assist. This equipment is about $100 but worth the money. Once its setup with wifi it’s like a companion at home. You don’t need to press any button. Just mention the name of a singer or a song, it will play for you. You can even ask for recipes for cooking 🤪. So my strong advice is to stay positive and keep soldiering on as long as you can. The rest is in God’s hands.🙏

  1. Hello! Welcome to our community! I love your positive energy and willingness to try so many different technologies to support your daily living with PD. I also love how you have a variety of activities to keep you busy and active! How interesting that you and your husband both have PD. How did this work for you to support each other? Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. This is how we learn new ideas from one another. All the best, Suzanne Troy, team member

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story and you support each other with PD! Blessings on your day! Suzanne Troy, team member

    2. thank you so much with telling your story ❤️

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    1. Morning guys I love your positive a
      attitude towards Parkinson’s I can’t believe you both have it but hey ho it could be worse that’s what I remind myself everyday I got diagnosed Jan 2021 iam 43 and judging by the DAT scan I had had it 5 years previously which explained a lot anyway I have a amazing partner who I have been with since I was 14 we have 4 beautiful daughters and my mum moved in to help with our youngest who is 3 and has autism I absolutely love my life if anything of has turned me into this person I really like don’t get me wrong I am a bit wacky but I put that down to the meds 🤪anyway my point is iam stronger than I have ever been i exercise daily alot I meditate Which helps alot and practice gratitude daily just wanted to send you both good vibes for today nice to read other people are fighting back too full respect have a loverly day and I send you both lots of healing vibes xxxx

      1. Thank you for your kind words and blessings. You are so young and I am inspired by your encouraging words. Pray that the good Lord will help find a cure for autism. Enjoy each day with whatever blessings you receive. I enjoy the winter flowers and fruits though the weather looks gloomy. Likewise, enjoy whatever you see and admire.💖🙏

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