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What is it like to live with Parkinson's disease?

Parkinson's disease is so much more than tremors. It affects your mood, how you sleep, and so many things in your day-to-day life. We want to learn more about your experience with this condition.

  1. As too my experiences having this PD for about 8 years now,as I grow old,the effectivity of my medicine which was prescribed by my Neurologists,is that,my movement like in balancing tends to loose as days passedby,especially if I do a lot of activity like hammering,doing laundry,my tremors is very visible...The very reason,I move and does other chores slowly..,BASED on my experienced we should not waste and spend so much TYM doing hard,because upon the intake of medicine we become active,but after the expiration of the effect of medicine, we become robot....

    1. I am sorry that your PD symptoms have become more problematic for you Jellybean. I am sure that you notified your doctor of these ongoing system. I wish you the best, Marc M.,

    2. , At this time of the year, we contact those individuals that have contacted How are you currently doing these days dealing with Parkinson's Disease? Please let us know. I care. Marc M., Moderator,

  2. Parkinson’s is definitely a tough condition to live with. But with medications, diet and very specific exercise it seems to be manageable. I have been taking the medication for 1.3 years and it’s effectiveness has not decreased. I try to exercise along with the
    meds to enhance their effectiveness. At this point I realize the disease will not go away. I have no choice but to cope. Blessings, Mike

    1. Hi Mike, I haven't spoken to you recently. How are you feeling? I have PD for the same amount of time. I agree with you. Coping is a positive strategy, along with a cup of Kona 😀 All the best, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Ne

    1. My experience has been that too much medication can cause more symptoms than they alleviate. By cutting back significantly on PD meds to which I became highly sensitive , my underlying movement disorder is now being more successfully treated. Of course this change to dosages and medications has been done under the supervision of my medical team. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. I was diagnosed six years ago. After a year of denial I finally accepted the fact that I have Parkinson’s. My journey with meds has been interesting and frustrating. I found when my meds were working well I would cut back because Ikve been very resistive to taking
        Drugs all my life, however once I got over that resistance and continued on a regimen that keeps me feeling pretty well physically I’m content

      2. nobody likes being chained to a medicine cabinet, but you don't earn any brownie points for suffering. I take 4 PD Rx"s. I tell people that I'm practically a walking pharmacy, just 1 chemical shy of a human molotov cocktail. That being said, I certainly notice if I'm late on any one of them, and usually I can tell it's almost time for the next dose without even looking at a clock. Don't think of it as drug therapy; call it better living through chemistry!

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