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PD and Diet Pills???

Hello everyone! A few days ago I read a Facebook Group posting about different medically induced PD. Lots of folks chimed in with just a ton of different meds they think caused their PD.

In 2016 I discovered the magical world of medically supervised weightloss. I guess out here in LA tons of actresses and others do it for a variety of reasons. I wasn't "fat" per se but I was definitely a chunky monkey. So I went to a clinic and was prescribed Phentermine. I consider it a wonder drug. I took one each morning before work and it did wonders for my concentration and speed around the office. I worked my ass off and before I knew it it was 3pm and I still hadn't eaten lunch!

I only took the minimal dose and only on weekdays (weekends were my cheat days). When I wasn't working I didn't take it but overall I took it fairly consistently from 2016-2020 when my PD symptoms began. I was always told by the "nurse" who took my blood pressure and monitored my progress that it was safe and the clinic was full of people coming in to get prescriptions for this stuff.

Since my PD diagnosis I have been educating myself about everything and since Phentermine is an Amphetamine I can't help but believe this is the cause of my condition! So on the Facebook group I mentioned about my Phentermine use, and several others replied saying the same thing!!!! So now I'm wondering just how widespread this is. I would love to hear from others who had a similar experience......

  1. WOW ! I haven't heard of this connection before. The fact that others can attest means you there could definitely be more to the story.. Have you found any research on the topic or spoken to your doctor about the connection?

    1. My Drs say no but honestly they just stick to the norms and don't seem very interested in investigating the cause. Only wanna treat the symptoms......

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