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Parkinson’s meds

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 1999, over twenty years ago. Progression was slow and after finding the right drug dose Sinemet 25/100, it worked well, but had to recently take what my doctors considered the maximum of 8 pills a day. Then my doc retired and left me in the hands of a fairly young doctor who wanted me to either decrease it to 6 a day or try Rytary. So when I could not reduce to six, I opted to try Rytary, which worked for 6 months when dyskinesia occurs. Thinking of going back to Sinemet. Rather deal with every 2 hours than dyskinesia.

  1. Really interesting, EP51. It seems like the effective dosage is a moving target. Have you been weighing these options with your new neurologist about this? Hoping you can come to a treatment conclusion that best works for you. Keep us updated if you can. - Chris, Team

    1. I was diagnosed with stage I idiopathic PD about two years ago. Recently I came across information on the research on mannitol in Israel. Has any one used this product. If yes what was the dosage and how was it consumed. Any information would be appreciated.

      1. Hi, @umakant - Thanks for your reply! We actually have an article on mannitol here: We'd encourage you to reach out to your doctor about this treatment option (if you haven't already). Hope this helps. - Chris, Team

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