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Parkinson's and Toxic Exposure (Burn Pits) - Military Veteran

I'm a 53 year old male who was diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 47. I noticed a tremor in my left hand one day and shrugged it off for a month. I then went to the Dr and was diagnosed with PD. My tremors are now recently in my left leg and right hand as well, so things are progressing unfortunately. I am a military veteran who served 22 1/2 years in the Air Force as a medical/aeromedical evacuation tech. I have deployed many times post 9/11 (Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti etc...) and was often exposed to burn pits and who knows what else.

I have no family history of Parkinson's'. I have filed a disability claim with the VA twice to have my Parkinson's service connected. I was denied twice... first time I was denied because my PD diagnosis was just outside on the 12 month window from my retirement date in order to make it automatically service connected. "Just my luck" The second time I submitted to have it associated with the PACT Act and toxic exposure to burn pits. I was once again denied due to not enough evidence even though they acknowledged my deployments and potential risk for burn pit exposure.

In all my research, it appears to be very obvious that there is a link between exposure to burn pit toxins and neurological diseases to include Parkinson's.

Are there post 9/11 veterans out there with PD that have experienced the same thing? I’m wondering if its worth seeking legal assistance.

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