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Hello I’m new here
I have not been diagnosed and I do have appointment with neurologist. I get bad tremors in my left hand and very painful cramps in my toes. Im afraid it is beginning of parkinsons and is very scary. I am going to be scheduling an MRA because of a brain aneurism i had in 2018. Maybe this can tell what is causing these other symptoms.

  1. Hi I hope your upcoming neurologist appointment proves helpful at getting to the root cause of your symptoms. I included a couple articles on PD symptoms and diagnosis, just in case you were interested - and Please feel free to reach out if we can help locate any other PD related information. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    1. You can search symptoms about pd it might be your tremors causes of Pd. There’s a lot of illness causing tremors thats why a series of lab test can be done before it will confirm that it is pd. Just like me I visited a lot of Doctor of Endocrinology,ENT, muscle and bone even psychiatrist Neurologist. Thanks God for the health card benefits of my husband some of them consultation and laboratory is free. But the medicine is not i have to buy from my own money it is so expensive,

      1. You may find that your physician can work with your insurance to get the cost down to a more manageable co-pay. I have had this experience several times and by having my medical team intervene have saved several thousands of dollars even with medications not covered by Medicare. It is always worth the try. Thea DeStephano
        Health Leader

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