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Are tremors a true sign or symptom of Parkinson's?

I am in denial of having Parkinson disease because I have no tremors. Is this a true sign or symptom of Parkinson's, even though I have severe rigidity of my right arm?

  1. Hi, Kaye - thanks for bringing up this important question. While tremor is a primary symptom, you do not need to experience tremors to be diagnosed with Parkinson's. There are many folks (including a family member of mine) that have been diagnosed with PD and do not have tremors. PD is such a complex disease and people's symptoms are extremely variable. I thought this infographic would be informative: Additionally, I though this article would be helpful: ttps:// Thanks for taking the time to comment! We're glad to have you here in the community. - Chris, Team Member

    1. Hi Kaye. I did not have a traditional, Parkinson's resting tremor for quite a few years after diagnosis. I had a action related tremor meaning it was more prominent when I reached for something or moved my hands/arms. Chris is correct, you do not need to have a tremor to have Parkinson's. I also had severe rigidity in my right arm and shoulder. Physical therapy, along with medications, can be a big help with easing some of the stiffness.

      Do you see a Movement Disorder Specialist?

      Kelly, Team Member

      1. My tremor has been minimal while I have been consistent with my medication. However, body movements are constant. If I am sitting still, something is moving, my feet, my fingers, etc. But it is not the same for everyone. I look at the other people in the waiting room at the neurologist’s office, and no two people are experiencing the same thing.

        1. Hi im Helen diagnosed a year ago 3 weeks after retirement. My motor symptoms are mild subtle tremor but looking back I had alot of non motor symptoms including loss of smell which I've read is a predictor of future dementia and dementIa fear is ruinine my life.Really need to interact with other parkinsons sufferers.HelenL

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