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Night time

Hi. I just have a question with regard to Parkinson's. I care for my mother who has it with the last six years. In the last six months, at least two to three times a week she thinks she's dying. It usually happens in middle of night or very early morning. I know some of it is connected to anxiety/panic but I don't think it's totally that. She genuinely believes she's dying, she feels like she can't move or speak and has a general strangeness about her. Even her face kinda changes. She becomes very irrational and just not herself. She won't answer me when I'm talking to her and is irritable. Then when the feeling has passed a few hours later, she's fine and next morning it's like nothing has happened. Just want to know if anyone else has experienced this. She doesn't have dementia. It's quite draining as can go on for half the night/ early morning....Thanks

  1. Hi, , we appreciate you reaching out. I am sorry to hear your mom is dealing with sleep issues. Many with Parkinson's can experience problems with sleep, including nightmares and vivid dreams. If it hasn't already been done, speaking with her medical team is recommended. In the meantime, I included some articles on sleep issues that may be of interest here - and and Also, included some information on mood changes - I truly hope this is helpful. Wishing you both well. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

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