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New Vibrating Glove Therapy from Stanford?

Has anyone else heard about the VCR therapy being developed by Dr. Peter Tass at Stanford? It is non-invasive and uses a vibrating glove to influence changes in the brain. It seems to deliver impressive results, even recovery of sense of smell.

Search Peter Tass at Stanford on youtube.

  1. It sounds WONDERFUL!!! Idk if they're still accepting new applications, but at the end of this 2022 article it lists an email for the clinical trials... Hurry hurry!!!!!! ✌️💙😄

      1. It’s my understanding…& the May date on that News article…that those trials are under way & closed to new applicants. Also the requirements for acceptance were pretty narrow. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. yes. I’m surprised there isn’t more comments about this. Very exciting

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