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Refusing to make new medication

Husband has PD.Recently diagnosed with dementia. Rivastigmine prescribed but he is refusing to take it. Says it makes him feel dizzy and awful. He resists anything new and I dont think he has given the drug a fair test. Dont want to trouble the doctor. Dont want to lie to him. Have tried to explain the benefits of the drug. No joy. Any ideas.

  1. Hi ,
    I wish I had a magic tip to give you, but I would say that it is okay and encouraged to contact his doctor as his doctor is there to help manage and treat what your husband is going through. I hope others may be able to chime in with similar experiences.
    In the meantime, I also wanted to share this link that is specifically for caregivers: Also, in the menu tab, you can click on "caregivers" and find more articles and info especially for you.
    Thanks for reaching out. We are here for you.
    Christina, Team

    1. Tell your husband that there are people dealing with PD who need/want the meds but can't get them. They can't even get a doctor...

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