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Neck Pain

Hi all. My husband (PD) has a hospital bed. He sleeps slightly reclined. He wakes up in the morning and he has a stiff neck and needs Advil every morning. He is not able to get comfortable with the bed all the way down, or we would do that. His dopamine has worn off by that time, and he cannot move around very well. He tends to lean to his left, so when he wakes in the morning, his neck has been tilted. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  1. Use a contoured pillow for neck support, try gentle neck exercises, and discuss medication timing with a healthcare provider to alleviate morning neck stiffness.

    1. Thank you! I'll look for the pillow on Amazon and ask about the medication 🤍

      1. Hi I agree with CommunityMember865ed0 on reaching out to your husband's doctor about medication and they could also have some tips for specific exercises to incorporate. Hoping your husband can find some relief soon. Please feel free to reach back out and let us know how things are going. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

        1. Thanks so much ❤️

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