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Dentist visit and strange reaction to pain blockers

I made a scheduled trip to the dentist to have an old filing replaced. They used a nerve pain blocker on my upper jaw and things were going well. I noticed my hand tremor was more pronounced while I was in the dental chair. It was completed and I sat up. I felt more unbalanced and my tremor was much worse. I also noticed my whole body begin to shake. I felt as though I was slow to react and off meds for sure. Any information on pain blockers used by dentists and people with PD?

  1. sorry to hear you had this reaction at your recent dentist appointment. How have you been feeling since? If you haven't already, I would recommend reaching out to your PD specialist about your experience. As they may be able to provide more insight. I included an article written by one of our patient advocates about their dental experience - Although the article does not reference exactly what you experienced, I still thought you may be interested. Kindly, Jessica, PD Team Member

    1. @Victor K. I have similar experiences when I go to the dentist. My research indicated that the meds used for numbing can cause a Parkinson’s reaction. I explained the problem to my dentist and she has been trying other local anesthetics and also reducing the amount injected at first and injecting more during the process as required. My Parkinson’s reaction seems to be a form of stress/anxiety. My tremor is always worse during the procedure and for hours after. I have tried a couple of things that might work for you. I do a relaxation/mind clearing exercise immediately before the appointment and , since my body feels like med drop off, I take an extra carbidopa/levadopa just before my appointment. Both seem to reduce my stress/anxiety reactions.
      Please let me know if these work for you.
      Good Luck! A trip to the dentist can never be described as “fun”.

      Phil Horton

      1. thank you for the information it makes good sense to me and I will try it.

    2. Viktor Thank I for this information. I am about to undergo extensive dental work and this will be helpful to share with the dentist as I haven’t seen him before. I am sure knowing the possibility off side effects will be beneficial for many.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. glad my info could help

    3. @Victor K. Curiously question. Is he following a description of how your Parkinson’s reacts at the Dentis?

      Phil Horton

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