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Dyskinesia pain

I’ve had severe dyskinesia in my right arm only. The constant contracting of muscles has caused me a lot of pain. Can anyone relate to this? Any advice about a treatment?

  1. Although we cannot dispense medical advice on this site for your safety I would suggest you contact your neurologist if you have not already done so. Perhaps s/he has a solution to alleviate your pain. I wish you well. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. I can relate. I am 69 y/o and was diagnosed 11 years ago. Dyskinesia and off times have been my major issue. I agree very
      Painful. I am scheduled for DBS July 6, a procedure you have qualify for. Only helps with movement. I found joining our local hospital 's therapy pool helped so much. Discuss with your neurologist; wishing you well.

      1. thank you for responding. I had DBS surgery in February. Still much tweaking needs to be done. Just takes patience.
        I’m taking neuro tin for pain but it makes me sleepy!
        Let me know how surgery goes. Where are you having it done?

      2. I had DBS surgery done over a year ago, I think. Every visit, every 3 or 4 months, my Nuerologist make a bit of an adjustment. It helps the motor symptoms tremendously!
        Best of luck,

    2. My husband & I

      1. , great picture! Thanks for sharing!
        -Christina, Team

    3. I had pain in my right arm also. My neuro gave me botox shots and it helped me so much! I hope this can help you.

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