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Medicate or not

I have just been diagnosed with PD and am very conflicted re taking medication or not. Having read of the side affects suffered by some users, I wonder if I am better off sticking to my CBD oil and hope the disease doesn't progress too quickly.
I would appreciate any advice.

  1. Hi @Vinnie, Welcome to the community. You are not alone and will find a lot of useful information here. While persons with Parkinson's disease share similar symptoms, every person's experience is unique. Responses to treatments also vary from person to person and a treatment plan is best determined after discussing it with your doctor. The use of CBD oil and other supplements may be helpful or they may adversely interact with prescribed medication and should be part of the discussion with your medical providers. Following are links to articles you may find useful:,,, I hope the articles are helpful and that you'll continue to reach out to the community. Warm regards, Rob Hunt, Community Advocate,

    1. Thank you for your question, Vinnie. If you have not done so already, I would suggest a visit to your Movement Disorder Neurologist for advice, since I am not a doctor. He can give you a personal assessment and recommendations. Please let me know how you are doing. I care. Regards, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

      1. Hi @Vinnnie, The recommendation from @Marc Mitnick is excellent. I'm also taking carbidopa/levodopa as well as Inbrija, an inhaled form of levodopa. I've not developed any side effects from them. My doctor, who is a movement disorder/Parkinson's specialist, is also using dopamine agonist therapy and has presribed pramipexole or Mirapex and Nourianz. When I was on a larger dose of Mirapex alone I experienced the side effect of impulsivity. Reducing the dose of Mirapex by half and adding the Nourianz eliminated the side effect. I hope this is useful information. Warm regards, Rob Hunt, Community Advocate,

    2. Hi Vinnie, I take carbidopa/levodopa without any side effects. Take care, Marc M. ParkinsonsDisease.Net, Moderator

      1. I appreciate your help Marc. How long have you been on the meds?

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