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What are your favorite hobbies or distractions?

Whether it's difficulty with managing symptoms or something unrelated to Parkinson's, we all feel overwhelmed sometimes. What are your favorite ways to get your mind off things and feel better?

  1. I ware my Infared hat for 30 minutes 6.30am turn on my Infrared ihealth sauna to 60 degree centigrade. During the 1/2 hour while waiting for sauna to heat up, I lay on the infrared mat/hat. Then at 7am I hop into my sauna. After an hour in the sauna I ride my exercise bike for 30 minutes then hop into my pool for about half an hour, at about 20 degree centigrade. All this makes me feel better to a degree, but when the afternoon comes I start to feel tired.

    1. Sounds like a nice ritual you have, . Getting some great exercise there! Thanks so much for sharing this. - Chris, Team

  2. Today, I re-arranged some electrical cables that I had intended to do for some time. Before PD, that would have been no problem at all. In fact, before PD, I would arranged them myself at the outset, instead of having someone else do them. At any rate, I had been looking at them for about a month or more; so I decided today was the day - so I did it, and I'm glad. It wasn't easy, but I had a great feeling of accomplishment after it was finished.

    1. That's awesome, ! Completing a chore like this does give a great sense of accomplishment, which is such a great feeling to have! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Be well, Jessica- Team Member

  3. Meditation. Guided imagery CDs or some free meditation apps.

    1. I love this, ! Meditating can be so good for the body, mind and soul! Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you well. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

  4. I step away from stressful interactions and do yoga, exercise or work on a project around the house that brings me peace because stress increases my Parkinson's symptoms. Shortly after someone brings a high stress event into my life, my tremors become very strong and uncontrollable. Sometimes it takes days to calm my body after prolonged exposure to stress. Some family members think that they have the right to relieve their stress by sharing it with me. They do not fully understand or believe that stress actually hurts the Parkinson's patient, physically. None the less, I do what I can to stand my ground.

    1. Hi ! Unfortunately sometimes others simply do not understand how their stress can impact others, but it sounds like you have a excellent toolkit to help combat stress! I find doing yoga really helps keep me grounded and find my peace as well! Thank you for being here and sharing. Wishing you a peace-filled day. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

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