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Do I have PD or parkinsonism or Ataxia

Hello everyone
I'm new here, so please excuse me if anyone is offended.
I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in May 2022 in Gujarat. Then I came to bombay where I've stayed all my life n consulted a new neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis n thought it was parkinsons plus with psp but he was to confirm it with a fresh MRI, since he was unapproachable I changed my neurologist one final time. He too feels that I've parkinsons plus but says he strongly feels it's MSA.
Confused with this, I googled my symptoms as - I have no tremors or masked expressions, or my sense of smell is also intact.
All I have is frequent falls , lack of balance and I tend to throw myself in any sitting place instead of sitting. My speech is also slurred, I've incontinence problem.
So I would like to know from u àll, senior members that do I have Parkinsons or not?
Please I'll be grateful if anyone here can answer my concerns.

  1. Pad mini I sense your frustration but we cannot dispense medical advice for your safety as we are not physicians. Is there a medical or research center within your area area where you might get a thorough evaluation? Was the neurologist you saw a movement disorder specialist? They have additional training in dealing with Parkinson’s. I hope you can get some definitive answers keeping in mind that not everyone has every symptom which is what makes an accurate diagnosis so difficult. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Thea DeStephano Community
    Team Member

    1. , Many thanks for your valuable input 👍. It's really nice to know that someone understands my frustration.
      I'll definitely try to implement your suggestions.
      Thanks again, Padmini Ravindran

      1. Diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2021. I was told to consult a movement disorder specialist which I am doing. Periodic visits is a must as there is physical evaluation on whether the condition has worsened or remained the same.

    2. ,
      Thanks for your guidance. I think I'll have a word with my neurologist about this.
      He's merely asked for Physiotherapy.

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