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Light headedness with PD

My mom is experiencing light headedness almost every day. The doc thinks its PD itself, not meds, and her blood pressure is fine. Anyone have experience with this and found anything that helps?

  1. I was experiencing lightheadedness if I turned to the right while lying in bed. It was enough of a concern that I had a CT scan after a few falls to be sure there wasn’t a brain bleed. Fortunately it was all clear. Has your neurologist done any tests to determine what may be causing the lightheadedness. My neurologist has not been able to discover a cause as yet but it is actually getting better. With PD who knows? I hope the discover an answer as it can certainly be disconcerting. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. Thanks. Doc says blood pressure is fine and an increase in carbo/leva had no effect, so sounds like there's not much he can do.

      1. Have you considered consulting an ENT specialist to have your inner ear checked?

        1. That might be worth trying, thanks.

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