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How can my mother improve her speech?

My mother is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 9 months back. The symptoms she faced initial days was back fall and balance problem while walking and standing. She has been prescribed with few medicines and physiotherapy. But now a days since past 3 months she is facing serious problem in speaking. All the time she struggles to speak as her throat not use to clear. Now a days she stopped singing which she was very fond of and she also speaks less. Can any one suggest what she can do to improve her speech? Mostly her throat use not use to very clear so she struggles in talking.

  1. Hello Sandhya Sessions at the speech therapist are recommended. Being part of a choir helps a lot

    1. Thanks for your response.

      1. Hi Sandhya -
        I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's new speech difficulties.
        Be sure to bring this up with her Parkinson's provider at her next appointment.
        He or she may be able to recommend a course of speech therapy to help improve her speaking ability.
        I, at one time, participated in a Parkinson's-centered exercise class for a few sessions. The trainer there was able to show one of the other participants some exercises he could do to strengthen the muscles needed for swallowing and speech. This may be an option her provider can offer some guidance with.
        Take care.
        - Nikki Louiselle,, Community Advocate

        1. Thanks for your reply. It means a lot. Sure I will take this up in her next appointment. The only problem is at this COVID19 time I face difficulties getting speech therapist to come home and I really scare to take my mother out as its a high time of corona spreading in India. But I am sure something can be done. There are few sessions I have found online which can help. Thanks again for you reply.

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