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Important Parkinson's tips that are often overlooked

There are a million little details involved in managing your Parkinson's issues, but I have found four that are very important and often overlooked.

Parkinson’s tips:
Some little things your health care provider may not have told you.

Drink lots of water. Common recommended amount is 8, 8 oz glasses (total 64 oz) per day. Stay hydrated: set goals, set phone alarms, always have water handy. Instead of snacking on junk food, try having a large glass of water first, then reevaluate your hunger.

Have regular bowel movements. This is something else that lots of water can help with. Staying well hydrated helps prevent constipation. Constipation is a common side effect of many Parkinson’s medications, so if drinking lots of water does not take care of your constipation, talk to your health care provider about adding a laxative to your routine. (My doctor recommended MiraLAX). Constipation is not only uncomfortable, it also hinders your bodies absorption of many Parkinson’s medications.

Eat proper foods, at the proper times, for your medications. For example, some Parkinson’s drugs are more effective with a limited intake of protein. Some Parkinson’s meds work better when taken an hour before eating or an hour after eating. Note: I have found this to be a very important factor in the perceived effectiveness of my Parkinson’s medication. Also, healthy, natural, easily digestible foods are preferred over hard to digest and chemically processed foods. I recommend that a Parkinson’s patient consult with both their health care provider and a nutritionist to establish healthy eating habits and proper timing of food and medications.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise…. You get the idea. Beside your Parkinson’s medications, there is probably not a more important factor in your health and well-being than exercise. Because this factor is so important, it has been studied extensively. While there is not always complete agreement among the experts regarding how much exercise, what exercises are best etc., the consensus seems to be that more is better than less. Ask your health care provider for a referral to someone who can assist you in setting up a proper exercise program. Whether you take advantage of your areas jogging trails or exercise in your chair, exercise is the key to not only delaying the progression of your Parkinson’s symptoms, but also to better overall mental and physical health and well-being.

  1. thanks so much for sharing tips you have found helpful with the community! We appreciate you being a part of our community. How are you managing this week? I hope it is kind to you. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm trying to relocate billtx with some info I may have but no luck.was . thought maybe you could help

      1. Hi you can tag , as you did in the previous message and share the information, as it could also benefit others here in our community. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

    2. I hope that the information in my tips post will help some of you live a healthier and happier life. I would like to get more involved in the sharing of information, tips, observations, med issues, etc. that I see on this site. I try to keep busy / distracted so I don't fixate on PD, but that sometimes leads to having some things I want to work on not getting the attention I would like them to have. After 15 years with PD I have lots of insights and observations that I would like to share. I enjoy your recommended forums and I have found that I can relate to many of the posts I see here. I have been working on some small bits of PD humor lately, with the idea that we as Parkinsons people have lots of shared experiences that if looked at properly could bring a smile or some laughter into our lives. The idea here is that keeping our sense of humor (or perhaps rediscovering it) can add years to our lives, or at least make the time we have here a more enjoyable experience. I wish you all the best as another holiday season approaches. It sounds like another opportunity to find some humor in what promises to be a difficult and demanding time in our lives. Sharing is caring!

      1. Shortly after my diagnosis, I joined a Rock Steady Boxing group. I absolutely love it! Not only are we worked hard, the community is amazing. Laughter, friendship and acceptance no matter your physical ability. I'm looking for a Tai Chi group for the alternating days. Billix, I love your advice to find humor in our lives, I totally agree!

        1. thanks so much for sharing with us! I'm SO glad you are finding RSB so enjoyable! Many in our community have mentioned how much they love RSB and how beneficial they find the community. How are you doing this week? I hope it is kind to you. Please reach out anytime. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

        2. Rock Steady Boxing is such a great exercise class! Our class instructors got certified just to incorporate it into some of our programs! Depending on your location, you can check your local YMCA or JCC, they tend to offer Tai Chi and other Parkinson's related classes. If you're ever in the Tampa, FL area, come join one of the free classes at pdLIFE:

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