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I used to have Parkinson's disease now I don't

cant go into story at the moment But please please Get A Scan it is the only definitive way to Confirm diagnosis.I still have a tremor But its not caused by Parkinsons.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, THOMAS. What kind of scan did you get, and what was the new diagnosis? - Chris, Team

    1. The scan he is referring to is called a DaTscan. It is a nuclear imaging SPECT scan.

      1. Thanks for your input, Thomas. As you may be aware, DaTscan results can lead to conclusions that are false negative or false positive. This can cause undue emotional stress. I am thankful that you have a result that may lead you to what is causing your symptoms! Be well!-Marc M., Moderator,

        1. I have never used this forum before. I would like to share my agonizing experience. Last Thursday I had a DAT/spect scan at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles medical center department of nuclear medicine. After the scan I was told I would receive a call from my specialist with the results in 10 days. That night, on my portal, I received the results of the brain scan directly, without any intermediary. What I saw, as a neophyte, was absolutely horrifying: abnormal brain scan, dopamine deficiency, parkinson, parkinsonism, and the dreaded lewy body dementia. All day long I attempted to reach someone, anyone to help explain what this meant. To this day, two days later, I have yet to have a proper explanation if this is just a preliminary report, or a death sentence. You can imagine my nightmarish terror. I am on tranquilizers because of panic attacks, all my friends have called to support me because I've reached out to everyone saying my goodbyes, and I have been crying day and night without stopping. This is a crime in my opinion. I've yet to meet or hear from my neurologist. I am going to file a member services complaint regarding this. But the damage is already done and I still don't know what I have. I have an essential tremor, and the rest could very well be massive panic anxiety. Can someone please give me some feedback here. I am absolutely wrecked. I have none of the symptoms of lewy body, although I know it's progressive, and I'm already considering funeral plans. What a nightmare. Thank you so much.

        2. Communityember2708, thank you for your comments about your DAT scan. You might have done so already, but have you called the doctor's office who asked for a DAT scan to give you the results? If all else fails, contact the California Medical Association [800] 786-4262
          or [916] 444-5532 for assistance. You are entitled to get the results of your test. Best, Marc M., Advocate,

      2. DaTsans show the imagive of the Dophemine in the brain it has a shape in all human brains that shape is broken when you are diagnosed with parkinsons It normally starts to break up about 5years before Diagnosis stay well

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