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I used to have Parkinson's disease now I don't

cant go into story at the moment But please please Get A Scan it is the only definitive way to Confirm diagnosis.I still have a tremor But its not caused by Parkinsons.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, THOMAS. What kind of scan did you get, and what was the new diagnosis? - Chris, Team

    1. The scan he is referring to is called a DaTscan. It is a nuclear imaging SPECT scan.

      1. Thanks for your input, Thomas. As you may be aware, DaTscan results can lead to conclusions that are false negative or false positive. This can cause undue emotional stress. I am thankful that you have a result that may lead you to what is causing your symptoms! Be well!-Marc M., Moderator,

        1. - Thanks for weighing in! You make a great point about DaTscans being done (and results read) under the care of trained neurologists. There is some very interesting studies about the accuracy of DaTscans out there, and it appears that there are a lot of variables that will influence the outcome of the readings.

          I thought I'd share one collection of studies in particular: One study stated that people with early Parkinson's had normal DaTscans (false negative). Did you have a DaTscan at one point? - Chris, Team

        2. Thank you Scott for your thoughts and input. I agree with you that the DaTscan be done at a large medical facility under the trained guidance of a trained Neurologist. I am sure you are aware that there can be false-negative results in most tests. In the earlier stages of Parkinson's Disease, there can be false-negative results. Please refer to: "What is a DaTscan and Should I Have One," by Dr. Rebecca Glickman, 1/8/19, Other medical professionals report on the results of the DatScan as well. Another resource can be reviewed by Dr. Kenneth Galbraith in AJMO, American Journal of Managed Care, 2004; 20S; S97-S109. As to your comment about my credentials, kindly see my Bio on this site. With good wishes,
          Marc Mitnick, MS, CCC-SLP, Medical Speech Pathologist,
          Moderator, Advocate, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

      2. DaTsans show the imagive of the Dophemine in the brain it has a shape in all human brains that shape is broken when you are diagnosed with parkinsons It normally starts to break up about 5years before Diagnosis stay well

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