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How to decide best dose of Clozapine when both options are bad.

How to choose between happy and sedated or night terrors , hallucinations but more alertness during day, better mobility and strength? The hallucinations are horrific.

  1. I'm sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. Have you talked to your specialist about what is the best dosage? Sometimes an adjustment can make a difference. Others might chime in on other tips for you. Please keep us in touch with how you are doing. All the best, Suzanne Troy, Advocate

    1. If your prescription says take as needed as my Clonozepam does it can be difficult to determine when to take it for maximum effect and fewer side effects. As suggested it is wise to have a discussion with your specialist to determine what dosage and time to take it might be best for you. A slight accommodation can make all the difference.I hope you can find a satisfactory solution to your problem. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

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