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Holiday and Fun Gathering Advice

Many people will be invited to gatherings to celebrate the final weekend of summer this weekend. However, for some people, these gatherings are difficult due to their symptoms. Thus, I was curious if anyone had any strategies or tips that could help people who are experiencing issues while trying to balance socialization with Parkinson's.

To all of you, enjoy the Labor Day weekend and here's hoping you avoid the winds and rains if you're in the predicted path of Dorian.

  1. Hi,
    Boy, I'm upset! My experience today is a little bit opposite what you are saying about the patient. My brother and his wife came over for a bbq. When dinner was over my brother went out in the backyard with his son (my nephew). Which I already thought was rude. My husband wanted to go out and join them. So I went to the door and said Hey you guys, why don't you move up here to the table with more chairs because Mike wants to join you. (They were the only males here). My brother looked at me and said no, we are doing something important here. I feel very hurt and I think that was very rude of my brother. Is this common? How do I get over this without forever being mad at my brother? Should I let it go? I feel like crying! We have all been very close until my husband became I'll. I know it's sometimes difficult to converse with him but he is certainly with it enough to be hurt too. 😥

    1. Sometimes, it seems that people don't think of their impact on others. I'm trying to work on my footprint, but it's not always perfect. If you told him, "I'm really upset that you couldn't take time time for my husband. He doesn't always say it, but he likes you guys, and he benefits from time around him. Could you make an effort to be there for him? It would really mean a lot to me," you might be able to help him without making it permanent.

      I can't say a right way or a wrong way, but a gentle reminder, shouldn't be provoking.

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