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What kind of food can I eat?

  1. Hi Paulkitamirike, I believe you wrote and asked us back in February what food can you eat with PD. Sorry if we never answered your request. Here is an article that you might find useful on topic: Please let us know if this answers your question and if we can help with anything else. You also may consult with your health professional to give you more ideas.
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Moderator,

    1. I eat what i want, others may disagree.

      1. Paulkitamirke, As a speech pathologist who has PD, some foods and consistencies are contraindicated during the stages of PD. If you are choking on meats, bread, water or other liquids, you might want to see a speech pathologist who treats PwP for dysphagia (swallowing dysfunction.). If you are coughing or choking when eating is another sign of difficulty swallowing. If you start to aspirate (food going into your lungs instead of your stomach), it can ultimately result in death. Marc Mitnick, Moderator, M.S., CCC-SLP, parkinsonsdisease. net

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