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Finding provider in US from abroad

Hello, I am living in eastern Europe and will be in the states this upcoming summer-fall. I was hoping for some advise on finding a motion disorder specialist that I can get in touch with prior to my time in the states to help schedule an appt. I'll be in the SE US, close to Richmond.

I have been diagnosed as early onset by my neurologist overseas.


  1. - Thanks for your post! We have an article that contains 2 links to movement disorder specialist provider finders here:

    The second link in the article includes a lookup for international providers, so maybe you can find a specialist in your area in eastern Europe. Hope this helps! - Chris, Team

    1. Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond just opened a Parkinson’s
      Center that may prove helpful and have a roster of movement disorder specialists to contact. They are certainly worth a try. I hope you find someone you feel comfortable working with. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. Thank you very much!

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