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Favorite Games or Activities

Now it's Fall and we will be more indoors, can you share what is your favorite game or activity?

  1. Suzanne, I love to read and have a list of books I want to read next. Also making holiday gifts keeps me busy. Thea

    1. Hi Thea, thanks for sharing some of your favorites! Hope you are doing well! Suzanne

      1. I love reading, too, and also love arts and crafts. Sounds like you and I could sit together and make gifts! Lorraine, moderator

        1. Lorraine, That would be fun! Thea

          1. Heh Thea and Lorraine, Maybe we should start a favorite book list or maybe we could do a PD book club!
            Blessings on your crisp Fall days of indoor time!
            Suzanne T.

          2. Sounds like a plan! Thea

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