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Extremely Urgent, Trying to cure father's Parkinson's disease in his final years.

Hello all, My father is 74 year's old and he has had Parkinson's disease since 2017. He most likely had it before then but we never noticed because he doesn't tremble he just gets stiffer over the years. Over the years it has progressed very strongly and fast. I know this because there are classes I had taken him to a couple of times before where I saw other Parkinson's patients doing boxing classes to improve cognition and coordination. He was by far the most frail person in the entire group. He requires around the clock care. He can't move until he gets his levodopa every 3 hours. We have to put him in a wheel chair and take him around the house. He has fallen recently. His health is deteriorating rapidly as he also has heart disease. My mother and I basically have put our lives on hold because he needs constant attention as he can not swallow food easily, he can't walk on his own safely, he can not get up from a sitting position, and he can not control his bladder very well.

As I understand everyone's level of symptoms are different but my father's are severe. I get the sense that he won't be alive for more than a handful of years. One of his dying wishes is to be cured. Now I know there is no cure but I hear there are trials going on. I hear things about stem cells. I hear about Ketamine clinics. I hear about treatments in Japan and Mexico. I don't know, I just know that there are things being done. We are willing to try anything to make his last years comfortable. Money isn't an issue we are willing to spend every last dollar to make him better. My mom has cancer so this has been very hard on her to deal with and I (male 2😎 suffer from a multitude of mental disorders that have sprung from the stress I have had to deal with the last few years. I would like to stress, money isn't an issue here as we are willing to spend every last dollar we have.

I have heard of some brain stimulator for Parkinson's disease but I believe his doctor said he is not a candidate because of a stroke he has had and also I think he said its for those who have tremors.

Are there any natural cures that improve symptoms, any tips, support groups, resources, etc. Are there ways to delay the progression? Like stretching or something?

Also, are there any different treatments for Parkinsonism vs Parkinson's disease?

Thank you for your time.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your father’s situation. My own father past away last Fall. He had PD and dementia but also had other health conditions that accumulated over time. My heart goes out to you, your mother and father. When you have to juggle so much to take care of your loved one(s) it’s not easy on anyone. There are no cures for PD yet. From my personal experience, I would recommend getting as much assistance you can get for your parents and find ways to keep your father comfortable and safe. As a care partner, you also have to watch out for yourself. My strong faith, exercise and love from other helped me through the stressful days. We made the choice to have my father taken care of in a nursing home for the last months of his life. It became too much of a burden for my mom at home. It wasn’t perfect but we knew he was well cared for and safe. Prayers for you as you make difficult choices and don’t hesitate to get more help when needed. All the best, Suzanne Troy, Patient Leader,

    1. David My heart goes out to you. The love you feel for your parents is so evident and it must be so difficult to face the fact that you are doing all you possibly can. If you can get some respite care that may relieve some of your stress but ultimately you have taken on a huge responsibility. I understand your father wanting a cure but despite all the research being done there isn’t anything at present which is very difficult to accept. I am sure you are keeping him as comfortable as possible. Please take care of yourself and stay in touch. We care about all of you as you face some serious decisions.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

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