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My wife has difficulties speaking

She speaks loudly and clearly enough, I just cannot understand what she is saying!

  1. Is your wife's native language the same as yours? Sometimes dementia patients 'lose' languages learned as adults and revert to their native language.

    1. Oh yes, I grew up in southern Indiana and she grew up in Tennessee. When I left college I moved to Tennessee where I met her. We both live here. Me in our house and she in a nursing home.

      1. I am a speech pathologist, videobob. You may have done so already, but have you contacted the speech pathologist at the nursing home to schedule an evaluation for your wife. They may be able to treat her. Please let me know how you are doing, I care. Regards, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

    2. Yes, we are from adjacent U.S. States. Birthdays are one month apart.

      1. They are both U.S. English language.

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