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Coffee does the trick

i was diagnosed in 2006 and always a heavy coffee drinker (10+cups/day).

I noticed in the past 5 yrs that my symptoms have lessened and so has my dependence on simenet.

I read in numerous articles that coffee can help PD pts so is anybody else having the same success as me?

  1. Does anyone have any experience with similar experience with caffeine such as paul56?
    I'm curious to see if any positive or negative differences to PD.

    1. I read different things that spoke of the benefits of caffeine for Parkinson’s.
      For me if I drink too much coffee I cannot sleep. So I chose to limit my coffee consumption because sleep is sooo important for me. Blessings, Mike

      1. Good balance!

    2. I drink a large Iced cappuccino every morning which I make myself. And then, maybe an Iced Latte during a walk in town with my wife. I never was a big coffee drinker and it never kept me from sleeping. But, I don't drink more than 2 cups a day. It's hard, if not impossible, to know if it's affecting my PD. My Sinemet definitely helps me control my tremors. My bigger problem is, I need my wife to tell me if the coffee is good since I can't taste or smell as a result of the PD. To me it just tastes like water. Oh well, how about another round, Make mine espresso please.

      1. Wow Jeff t, I love that you enjoy your cappuccino and follow a routine of walking with your wife despite the fact that you cannot taste or smell it! Kudos to you for your positive attitude! Cheers! Suzanne T.

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