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Caregiver for husband

Hi I would like to chat with other care givers, My husband sleeps a lot and when he walks loses his balance so afraid he will fall

  1. Hello Monica - Thank you for posting. I think you will find there are quite a few carepartners/caregivers, like myself, that would love to chat with you. Not only here on the website but also on the Facebook page

    Falls and sleepiness are both certainly topics I would bring up with your husband's health care provider. Falls can be a serious worrisome symptom for people with Parkinson's and their carepartners. These articles: and may provide you with some helpful information. If you search on "falls" after clicking the search icon above, you will find many articles written about this topic by those living with Parkinson's and professionals. I know with my husband, I'm always concerned about him hurting himself seriously when he's had a couple of close calls in the past. I also did a quick search for "sleepiness", I found this article on Parkinson's and fatigue:

    As I mentioned before, bringing these topics up with your husband's doctor can be a good first step at addressing these issues. You may want to let your husband know your concerns about these two issues. If you both let the doctor know that these are a concern, I would hope these health care professionals can help you both better cope and find strategies about these symptoms. Education and finding support are two great ways you can both live well with Parkinson's.

    -Parkinson's carepartner and community member

    1. Hi
      My husband also sleeps alot. It's really had as we have young kids too. His neuro seems to think the sleepiness is unusual but all the research i have done says otherwise. He also wakes incredibly early which adds to the fatigue.

      1. Sleep disturbance is one of the earliest signs of Parkinson's, and thus sleepiness too. Maybe you need a new Dr. If he or she thinks that's unusual. You might try adjusting the timing of meds.

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