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Does PD affect your heart?

I am not quite sure how this works but I was wondering if anyone could share any information they might have about how PD can affect your heart. I am having some issues with exertional chest pain that doesn't seem to be related to blockages (EKG, Stress test, cardiac MRI) and am being treated with beta blockers that make my blood pressure and heart rate drop and make me feel terrible and don't seem to help with the chest pains. So I haven't been exercising. This has been going on for almost 4 months and no one seems to know what the problem is. I am starting to feel poorly, physically and emotionally because of the lack of exercise I am sure. My question is has anybody had any kind of heart issues that are related to PD, or experienced anything like this and what did they do. I am overwhelmed and frustrated by what appears to be a lack of concern for my health by my doctors. I'd appreciate any help or advice.

  1. Hi, - Thanks for submitting your question. We actually have some information regarding the link between PD and cardiovascular issues here: That's disheartening to hear that your doctors aren't providing you the level of care that you're expecting (and deserve). Getting a second opinion may be something to consider. Hope you have a restful night. - Chris, Team

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