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Accommodations for those of us with disabilities

I am becoming increasingly frustrated by finding so many places that claim to be handicap accessible and then I find that they are not. Most stores ,restaurants, etc in our area do not have electrical doors. Those of us in wheelchairs cannot open the doors which open out. I have to wait until someone kind notices and helps. I have been in restrooms where there is no sink with a cut out to accommodate my chair and yet they are marked as handicap accessible. What happened to the ADA act?

  1. They should use wheelchairs and walkers in order to run the days of their lives.

    1. The link I'm going to post is all about walkers and wheelchairs. Hope seniors will find it helpful.

      1. I use both a walker and a wheelchair. The problem is lack of accessibility to get inside when a door is heavy and cannot be opened with one hand or the facilities are not set up properly. I am sorry if that wasn’t clear. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

        1. Andrew Thanks for posting that link. I am sure many will find it useful. Thea

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