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Abdominal spasms

I am new to this site and newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 4 months ago. I am on Sinemet 25/100 4x a day.
I wake up often with my abdominal muscles feeling like they are drawing up into a knot. I think they are spasms. I feel like I want to stretch but my muscles won’t allow me to stretch much. And sometimes it actually hurts. Could this be dystopia? Anyone else have this symptom? Have you ever heard of PD patients with this symptoms? Thank you. Judy

  1. Hi, , I can imagine how uncomfortable this must be. If you haven't already, we always recommend speaking with one's doctor about new or developing symptoms. Others here have mentioned experiencing muscle spasms. I included some information about dystonia here - Hope this is helpful. Wishing you a restful evening. Hugs, Jessica, team member

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. I get this feeling upon awakening that my abdominal muscles need to be stretched. So I try to stretch before getting out of bed and I can’t. It can be very uncomfortable. I appreciate the help.
      As a note, I have never been on a site with such good people. Some of you are more professional preferring to give advice, recommendations, etc while others jump right in with their whole selves sharing their personal experiences, as well. I prefer the latter, but I will take both! Lol. You all are awesome.

    2. we are so thrilled to hear you are enjoying the site and feeling a part of this wonderful community! So glad you found us. Thank you so much for sharing such sweet words! We are grateful to have awesome people, like yourself, here with us! Reach out any time! Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

  2. Hi Jstevens , I also have Parkinson’s. My wife and I were in Hawaii last week and when we were riding on the bus I felt the same thing, spasms in my gut I thought maybe it was caused by dehydration so I drank all the water I had. That helped some but when it continued I began deep breathing….that also helped. Back at the Condo I realized I was not taking my Smooth Lax from Walgreens. So I started drinking it. That seems to help the most.

    1. Thank you for responding. Glad to hear I am not alone. But I hate it that you have these spasms too. At least you get relief from the Miralax. That’s a blessing for you.

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