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10 pm looses it

OK, my lays on the couch around 6:30 pm watching tv.

10:00 She gets up and goes to the bathroom, 25feet, when she gets up to return she looses it and I have to hold her up.
8:30 same as above, but everything is ok
Tried delaying the evening medication, but no change.

Then to the bedroom to wash up. After brushing her teeth, starts going all over and rushes to the bed before falling. Waits a few minutes, goes back and washes her face. Starts going all over rushes to bed again. This continues until finished. It seems as if her legs are spasming all over.

ideas welcome.

  1. Hi Bob. I'm sorry to hear your wife is going thru so much. Here is an article that might give you some insight:
    I hope this helps. Please let us know how we might be of further assistance. Blessings. Suzanne (Advocate,

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