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My husband has Parkinson’s

  • By dlbutter

    My husband was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He’s had balance issues for a couple of years. He uses a walker and a scooter now. At first the doctors said it was Vertigo and Neuropathy only. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and is 71 years old. I was wondering if other people who were in the Vietnam war have Parkinson’s.

  • By Chris H. Keymaster

    Hi, @dlbutter – Appreciate you sharing here. We’ve heard from numerous people in the community who were (or had family) in the Vietnam War. Thought I’d share a couple of stories with you:,, &

    Your husband is certainly not alone. In case you weren’t aware of the services the VA is now providing Vietnam vets, I thought I’d share this last article with you: I hope this information helps! – Chris, Team