A Parkinson's Vacation

You have Parkinson's disease is something we didn't expect to hear. It's a quiet debilitating disease. Four years in and the Doctors are telling us..."If you can, travel NOW!" So while it is hard to do, I, his wife/caregiver search for handicap accessible vacation locations.

The new normal

We were used to walking all day, trails, caves, hills, stairs, sight seeing. Parkinson's disease has taken that away from us. The new normal for us now is to schedule the use of an electric wheelchair, first floor handicap accessible hotel rooms, elevators, handicap accessible restaurants, attractions etc. Packing not only our luggage, but medical equipment we might or will need once we arrive at our destination. Double checking that his meds are full and that medical information is up to date should anything go wrong while away. Knowing where the nearest hospital is, the nearest drug store, again just in case.

Making memories

We see the looks and stares. Yes we know you feel sorry for him, for me. So young, so helpless We know that we are holding up lines, I am sorry for that. We will continue to travel until he or I can no longer. We enjoy our travels and make the best of them. I thank the Doctor for being up front and telling us to travel. We thought we had time. We are making memories... memories with Parkinson's because we can...because we have to.

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