A Journey To Unknown Ending

My name is Jeehan, 43 years of age, married with 3 children. I got pregnant to my second child, a baby girl whom I named Nada. At first everything was normal, I moved and did all of my daily house hold chores. After 6 days of my delivery with my 2nd baby, a lot of changes happened to me, my movement was slowed, I cannot turn my head in any ways, I cannot hold anything; it slips out of my hand, and my balance was really out. I CAN'T EVEN PUT MY DRESS ON, I WOULD FALL ON THE FLOOR.

Getting a diagnosis

I and my husband was really worried about my situation. I described myself as a robot. I suffered with these kind of actions for almost 6 years, and got pregnant again for the 3rd time. I thought it was just a simple condition that would stop in time. My condition physically was disturbing. I cannot attend to take care of my children. Until July 05, 2014, I decided to admit myself to WMCC HOSPITAL, ALL OF MY MAJOR ORGANS WAS CHECKED BY MY INTERNAL MEDICINE DOCTOR, AND WITH THE HELP OF MY NEUROLOGIST, ON JULY 08, I WAS DIAGNOSED TO HAVE PARKINSON'S IN THE YOUNG.

I STARTED TAKING UP REQUIP 2mg for almost 2 years, and took 4mg Requip after. It helps alleviate my physical movement into normal, but as my age move on, the dosage goes up. I did experience how it was to be psychologically depressed, always got jealous with my husband thinking he has other woman... and my situation got even more worse, because I became a nagger, violent with my husband, throws anything on my hand, shout and yell to my kids... I even attempted to withdraw taking up medicine because of all the negative actions that I am seeing, which my doctor's best describe as overdose.

Not giving up

Despite of all the tragic incident that happened to me, I didn't give up, so with my family...that up to now, I am surviving to these unknown ending... WITH THE GREAT BELIEF TO GOD, and with support of my kids and husband, I DO BELIEVE EVERY TRIALS ON my way, TOWARDS THESE UNKOWN ENDING, will be challenging for us.. TO GOD BE THE GLORY...


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