I just don't understand

I'm newly diagnosed with PD since February. I have tremors really bad and my feet go all the time. Sometimes I choke on my salvia and I never did this before all this started happening to me.

Some days are better than others and I am on medication 4 times a day for PD. But I am also running into the low blood pressure problem, which is probably coming from the disease itself, because we tried to decrease the med and it was still happening.

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Understanding Parkinson's

I have other illness also besides this but this is hard. There's a caregiver that comes in 5 days a week to be with me, my daughter lives 2 hours away and my son just don't get it. My daughter helps out as much as she can. My sister steps in when she is needed my mom doesn't understand it but she is 81. Some of it I don't understand either. Thanks for hearing me.

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