I have come to the conclusion that is with Parkinson’s are the sloths of the human race! I'm not saying that as a bad thing! I think sloths are cute! I’m saying this cause we are slow at walking! Which brought me to another idea! I thought that maybe we were put here to help people to slow down!

Taking time to slow down

We don’t get ourselves dressed in a hurry (mainly because we can’t move fast) and getting dinner takes longer but it gives you time to listen to your heart and think about life! So maybe just maybe we were chosen to slow our family and friends down, take time and go really smell the flowers! To enjoy every moment we have with each other. The ocean and the mountains and the rain and even the snow!!!

I hope I have made some sense out of this. So onward we go sloths of the human race! Enjoy life and all it has to offer. I know I will!

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